Underwire Film Festival

In November I was lucky enough to attend Underwire; a film festival dedicated to shedding light on the best female talents in contemporary short film. The event was a great success, and you can read my review of the Best Cinematographer award over at Short Sighted Cinema.

Chloë Thomson’s work in Jonah (pictured below) bagged the evening’s trophy, and with good reason. At 17 minutes it’s not the shortest of shorts, but it’s a visually mesmerising masterpiece in story telling. Production found support from the likes of Film4, and in fact, Jellyfish Pictures’ magical but utterly believable visual effects are a lot like those found in Channel 4’s continuity links (the bits where the announcer tells you you’re about to watch Come Dine with Me as Tokyo sky scrapers or burning hay bails form a giant ‘4’). Jonah‘s online at the moment, and you can find a link to it in my review on Short Sighted – I strongly recommend giving a watch. 



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